Disappearing group/item text

Just recently I’ve begun having some strange behavior in the text that goes next to a group folder and/or that goes with a text snippet (it’s identifying title you read in a column). This is happening in columns view:

I import a text snippet from anywhere. I can see the icon but not the text unless I highlight the item. It’s almost as if the text was white…only highlighting helps you see it. If I then copy or move the snippet to a group, I can read the text now (moved) or the (copied) item. But the original imported snippet will remain without text.

Here’s the kicker: if I close the database and immediately re-open it, the text is suddenly there, in black letters. Verifying/optimizing seem to have no effect.

Any advice please?



What happens if you select the ‘invisible’ text and change it to a different font?

I’ve seen this problem, too. (DT 1.9.2 - MacOSX 10.3.2) Selecting the invisible text and changing the font does make it visible. Seems like a bug, to me.