Disappearing links (DTPO 2.0 pb3 feedback)

Sorry if this has been posted before, but after a quick search I found no information.

I’m using the 3-pane view.

  1. I created a small database with URLs. These are all displayed in the Top Pane. I typed some text in the “Find” field. Results are displayed as expected.
  2. I cleared the text in the Find field. The Top Pane now appears blank. None of the URLs are displayed, giving the appearance of an empty database.

This behavior is the same as in DTPO 1.x
With other databases clicking on another folder correctly displays its contents once again. In the past this is how I’ve dealt with this. In this case I have no folders, so my workaround is to click on a different view followed by clicking on the three-pane view. URLs are then shown once again.

Is this normal behavior? Seems a bit counter-intuitive. I would expect the Pane view to go back to its original state right after clearing the Find field.


I observe the same behavior no matter what is the content on the group when one performs a search using the Find field on the Toolbar. By selecting other group and going back to the original group the top right field will show again its contents. This “disappearing” of contents doesn’t happen if you use the option-command-F. I think you find a bug!

Just press Return/Enter (after clearing the search field) or Escape (without having to clear the search field) and the results view will disappear.