Disappearing Sorter

After finally getting the sorter tab to the right side of my screen, it has taken to once and a while disappearing. Turning the preference option on and off will cause it to reappear but clicking on the tap makes it disappear again. Rebooting seems to be the only solution. Killing the process doesn’;t help.

have a problem with disappearing sorter, too. Found out: reason for that is the preference pane “shades”, which can be used to darken the monitor. Switched off “Shades” and the sorter appeared. Maybe this is to be fixed?

Where is the preference pane…I don’t see anything like that in the Mac preferences.


Please send the URL to download the application (or give me its bundle identifier) and the next release should ignore this pane.

If “Shade” is some kind of addon bundle, I don’t have it and I also have the “disappearing Sorter” problem.

Then some other application is creating a full screen window. Try to find out what application it is and send the bundle id or a link to download it to support@devon-technologies.com.

Sorry but I am brain locking on this. What do you mean exactly?

I have the same issue, but early on I figured it was because of the other fullscreen window conflicts and I cherish the other functionality so much that I sacrificed investigating the sorter.

The reason I include the last, even though it might not make a full screen window, is because the sorter flashes when I make mouse activity up on the menubar, and that’s where Menu Eclipse does it’s work.

I’m not sure I would spend much time debugging this - just let the users know to not use weird hacks and all will be fine! :laughing:

I can confirm a disappearing Sorter when using a similar program called Isolator.


Could Keycue be doing it:


I will add all of these and let me know in public beta 2 whether it makes a difference.

I have been testing and I think Keycue is the culprit here

I use KeyCue too, but am not having any problems with the Sorter. I also moved the Sorter to the right side of my screen. The tab vanishes when I call up KeyCue, but reappears about 2 seconds after I release the Command key.

That was my experience with KeyCue also but I don’t know what else could be causing this. I don’t think I have anything else that creates “full-screen” windows.

You probably know this, but those windows that are interfering may be invisible, or nearly so. That’s how some of my apps work, by adding layers above the desktop. You may not even know that they are there.

Which raises the question that if they are invisible, how one knows that they are there?

I figured it out back when isolator was an earlier beta, and it had some problems putting its window back in the right place after switching spaces.

The first three of my list above all add transparent-ish windows that one wouldn’t even know were there if they didn’t know that the apps did that. That’s about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. :slight_smile: Hey I’m just a dumb USER! LOL

This thread inspired me to post this:

general troubleshooting tips

No guarantees that’ll help isolate this problem, of course. :slight_smile:

KeyCue is definitely a problem. When I quit it using Activity Monitor, the Sorter reappeared.

Yes and when the Sorter disappears and I activate Key Cue and then click on DT, the Sorter comes back.