Discount Code Gone ? Any ideas DEVONthink Pro 3

I have been looking at buying this software for a few days.

I will be using it only at home, hobby of going paperless.

I had a discount code with 25% off which I can’t find now.

Does anyone have a code that will work.

Also, I have just downloaded the trial, is the trial just the standard 3 version and not the pro?

I could not seem to find a download link for Pro 3


Hope to join you all


Welcome @Madasafish110

There are currently no promotions running.
If you are an eligible student or eductator, you can apply for a discount here:

Also, there isn’t a separate download for the different editions, as noted here:

Hi. Do you think it is overkill for gone use.

I just want to go paperless as above.

Looks really nice software.

Thank you for the advice about the down load.



No, I don’t think DEVONthink is overkill for home use. A wide variety of people in all walks of life use it in many ways.

Note the trial is functional with few restrictions and runs for 150 non-consecutive hours or 30 days. I’d suggest downloading and trying it out to see if it fits your needs.

And you’re welcome.

I think my problem is how to use it. I always want to run before I can walk LOL

I have managed to get 10% off :slight_smile:

Im just watching some screen casts on using it. Screencasts Online

very impressed. Before I do delve deeper. Can you store your data on google drive, iCloud etc

Many thanks again for your advice


I have managed to get 10% off


Can you store your data on google drive, iCloud etc

Databases are stored locally and cannot be put online.
Read the Help > Documentation > Getting Started and In & Out chapters, including the section Importing & Indexing for an option to index local data for a cloud service, like your local Dropbox folder.