Discount DTTG3?

Hi all,

I’ve bought the previous version of DTTG. When I’ve downloaded the last version of DTTG (DTTG3), there was a discount option in the purchase menu due to the fact that I’ve already owned the previous version. I want to buy DTTG3, but now I see that it’s full price and the discounted option has disappeared. Does anyone know how to get this back or what happened?


Not sure, but I think you need to have previous version installed.

Thanks. I have a new phone and the old phone didn’t transfer all of the apps (including previous version of DTTG) and I can’t see the previous version in the App Store anymore. @BLUEFROG do you maybe have an idea how to get the discount on the newest version if I already paid for the previous version but I don’t have it on the phone anymore?

You can reinstall the old version via the App Store. Go to your profile in the App Store and click on “Purchased”. DTTG 2 will be there.

@cheak is correct. That is the place to look into reinstalling DEVONthink To Go 2.x.

Was it installed on this particular phone before?

Thanks! This worked. I can now see the discounted option of $19.99.

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Awesome and thanks to @cheak for the assist! :slight_smile: