Discrepancy in Markdown metadata parsing when searching

Continuing the discussion from Markdown metadata (version 3.7 onwards)

I found another (what I think is an) inconsistency regarding the handling of metadata in Markdown documents, while searching.

Take the following Markdown document:

Title:    Cleanup disconnected RDP sessions
Author:   John Appleseed  
Date:     2021-04-26 
Description:  Remove disconnected remote desktop sessions that have been idle for more than a given timespan. 

{{/Config/Header inclusion.txt}}

# [%title]


The rendering of the note is perfect (both [%title] and [%description] are taken from the MD metadata.

When searching for RDP, I get the document in the results, as expected (found in the title):

However, searching for remote desktop, which only appears in the description, yields no results:

But if you search within the document itself, it finds the term remote desktop just fine:

See Markdown metadata (version 3.7 onwards - #7 by cgrunenberg

I’m not quite sure how to interpret the remarks you added to the other post relate to the search behaviour. Could you please elaborate? Thank you!