Disk Space Usage through "receipts"

Dear Forum,

I’ve recently run into some SDD memory issues as I need some more disk space. I use daisy disk to find culprit folders / old files and the like. There seems to be a “devsonthink” folder under my user folder/library/mobile documents/devonthink that is called receipts and has a massive amount of disk space usage (about 50GB). My DT libraries amount to not much more than 8 GB. How does that come to pass? Can I free some of that space? I do use iCloud sync.

Cheers for the help,


That’s required by the iCloud-based synchronization, you should not delete it. However, you could try to verify the iCloud sync store thoroughly, this should get rid of the local copies. Other sync locations do not require local disk space, by the way.

Cheers. Will try that. Habe iCloud set up and it works so incredibly well. Thanks for taking the tome.