Display content of multiple groups or multiple tags ("view as tags")


  1. in devonthink 2 when I selected multiple groups, it displayed the content of all of them, which was very handy compared to finder. now in dt3 it justs tells me how many files are selected. is there anyway to go back to the useful ways of dt2. or is there any reason for this step (backwards)?

2. there was a “view as tags” option in dt2. I could select multiple tags and then only the files that had all these tags were displayed. kind of the oposit of how groups worked.

in combination these were two most useful ways to handle my data. both are gone or I cannot find them (other then typing in the search field, which is massivly more time consuming). Do I have to go back to dt2 for this functionality or is it hidden in some other ways?

thanks for your feedback!

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This is planned for future releases.

See Tools > Filters > Tags. You can also apply this to global smart groups, e.g. the “History” smart group to view only documents having the selected tags.

Thanks for the fast reply. The tags option looks interesting, hope to replicate the function. looking much forward to future release then!