Display easily all docs in a group

When you select a group in the groups pane (here I’m supposing to use the 3 pane view), DT shows (in the documents list pane - upper right) all docs included in the group but not the ones in the sub-groups.

It would be handy to have an item in the contextual menu (something like “Recursive docs display”) to be checked/unchecked to show all the docs under the group (including the sub-groups).
That would be a property of the group (i.e. separately settable for each group).

The number on the right of the group name could change accordingly: i.e. in recursive mode it change to “(tot xxx)” while in standard mode it stays as it is now “(yyy)” with the difference that yyy is the number of files directly contained in the group. This way you could also see at a glance how the “recursive display” property is set for a specific group.

I know you can see all docs in a group creating a smart group (that’s what I’m doing now) but I think it is too slow if you have to do it often.


It’s possible to select multiple groups in the group panel of 3-pane display. The document pane will show all child documents of the multiple-selection. You select multiple groups by command-click-drag contiguous groups, or command-click individual groups one by one. For example, the document pane will show the combined content of the three groups selected in this:

korm, tanks for your reply.
It was that simple!
By the way, I like your (DT) solution more than mine because it lets you select not only an entire folder including childs but also a sub-set of childs (by individual group selection, as shown in your example).

Still it remains unsolved in huge inefficiency, especially for multiple instances of sub-groups.

Sorting a lot of nesting by hand is just insane, the least they could implement is to disclose the triangles of all subgroups at once, so that with repeated keypress on a selection, they sub-groups would be reselected automatically.

Scratch that, just a simple listing of all items within a group.

It’s beyond believe what DT is missing out on, and there’s already a book on this app, I don’t believe it with that much inefficiency…

OK I found a work around, if you would like to tag all files of “millions” of sub-groups, then

  1. Add new smart group: Data > New > Smart Group…
  2. Select to Search in the specific group with all the millions of sub-groups in it, match “All” of the following rule: Size > Is Greater than > 1

The reason I write this is because DT would not let me simply search the whole group recursively for “.” (dot) or " " (space), to be able to tag all of the sub-group items at once.

Is there anyway to easily see all the child items of all subfolders without expanding the subfolders ?

Leap already has this feature with a toggle button.


You could create a Smart Group with the Search In dropdown set to a particular parent folder and Kind is Any Document.

This is one feature I would really like to see in DTPO as it seems to come up as a roadblock frequently.

I really like BLUEFROG’s idea of the smart group and I just put this into a few key groups that could use it.