Display issues

Over recent weeks I have started having problems displaying images when clicking on a thumbnail (View is set to 3 panes, Widescreen). Some of the files are small - 2 page PDF document, some large - 8 sheets of A3 coloured plans or larger. The thumbnails display but often if I click on page 1, it either does not display or is very slow to display.

I don’t know if it is a DTP issue or a display driver issue. I am running an extra 27" monitor off my 27" iMac using a Thunderbolt/display adapter. The extra monitor is exclusively used for DTP display. iMac is late 2014, 32 GB RAM, Sierra 10.12.6.

Sierra’s PDFKit is full of bugs. While not all issues are resolved, we strongly suggest you upgrade to High Sierra as PDFKit is much better.

Thanks Jim. I have upgraded my MBP to High Sierra but need to have the time available to upgrade the desktop (with sufficient redundancy if anything goes wrong and I need to do a clean install).

No problem.

Jim, possibly outside your field of knowledge but would the pdfkit problems in Sierra likely to be a reason why pdf’s inserted into a database container on the iMac will not display on the MBP running High Sierra?

That would be less likely. It’s possible that PDFs captured in Sierra, like via our browser extension, may be problematic on High Sierra though.

Thanks Jim. That is the situation and of concern given the thousands of PDFs involved.