Display local version of web-archive instead of online versi

perhaps this is already possible and i just don’t know about it:
I save a website in devon-think pro as a web-archive.
When i am connected to the net not the saved version of the website is displayed in dtp, but an actual online version is displayed.
I want to work with the archived version - i pull the network cable to do so.

Is there another way? If not, i would propose a big switch, that would let me change if i want to work with the saved local, or the online version of a document.

Best regards, Louise.

There’s no such switch yet. But web archives are not always static as dynamic contents (e.g. ads) might be loaded everytime.

Yes, that’s what i want to avoid actually. Because once i start to work with a certain webarchive i must rely on it to be stable. Example: I webarchive an article to devonthink, i start working with it, the next day the author has changed his article on the server and the lines i was referring to are no longer here. So i want to see the local webarchive, frozen at a certain point in time (so i pull the network cable - and the archived version is displayed). (If i loose some ads this way it’s no problem).
As i know, there are lots of situations where you want to see not the archived content but the newest version from the web - a possibility to switch would come in handy.


For now I’d recommend rich text notes (e.g. captured via services) or PDF documents (e.g. captured via scripts or bookmarklets). Due to their shortcomings, web archives are pretty useless as long as you don’t need the dynamic stuff (e.g. animations, flash, videos, applets etc.).

This is why the URL is normally set on such a document (if you use our tools to create the PDF or RTF file) so you can always visit the latest version.