display of native MS Word comments


I just noticed that DTPO seems not to display any comments added to MS Word documents. Is this true?

Some background: I am currently preparing for (historical) research and importing a number of documents into my database, some in MS Word (for Mac 2004) converting them into rtf if adequate, if they are chronologies, splitting them up etc. I planned to get the (MS Word “native”-) comments into separate note(s) so I came across this problem. DTPO IS aware of these comments, it shows them at the end of (MS Word) docs converted to rtf, without proper links to their placement though.

Compare the following screenshots:
First the MS Word document within MS Word (2004)

Then the MS Word document displayed (and opened) within DTPO

Something else: when will it be possible to post WITHOUT being thrown out almost every time?! This is really a pain! [happened AGAIN!!!]

Do the comments show in a Word document when using Quick Look in the Finder? DEVONthink uses Quick Look to display the Word document, so what you see in the Finder is what you should see in DEVONthink.