Display of nested tags content - is it a bug, or a feature?

Hi, I have a problem with understanding how display of nested tag works, or perhaps I encountered bug. On pic below a real example:

As you can see I have a “filozofia” tag with several sub-tags. I understand that when tags are nestled, tagging with sub-tag automatically tags with parent tag. This is ok, and I like it.

But then why parent tag, when selected in sidebar, displays its sub-tags next to some of the documents in those sub-tags? What I mean is that let say I have document tagged with filozofia>kosmologia.

What I expect: If I click on “filozofia” I see files tagged with “kosmologia” directly under “filozofia” tag (as they are all tagged with parent tag), but I also see the same files under “kosmologia” sub-tag.

What I get: all over the place. As you can see above some of the files (marked green) are visible in both locations (parent tag and under sub-tag), but some are visible only under sub-tag (I marked those with red), even though obviously they also are tagged with parent tag.

Is this some expected behaviour I don’t understand, or is it some bug?

I tried to look some other topics , but those doesn’t seem to answer my question or pertain to older version of DT (I also see I can’t link to other topics here).

Thanks for any help.

The document is having both tags (filozofia and kosmologia, meaning that filozofia is not only inherited). This can e.g. happen after assigning the tags first, then reorganizing them.

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Ok, I built some testing DB and checked and now I understand behaviour. Thanks!