Display of new content in 1.7.2

Unexpected behavior:

When surfing the Web and adding new content to DEVONthink, I will often turn off the preference to automatically classify new material – especially when I’m exploring new topics. Therefore, new notes are added at the root level of the DEVONthink view window.

Prior to yesterday’s release of version 1.7.2 a new note added in this way was automatically displayed in the Note Pad view, with the content name highlighted. I liked this behavior; switching from my Web browser to DEVONthink immediately showed me the newly added content, so that I could edit the new material if desired.

The new version 1.7.2 no longer displays the new content after switching from the browser to DEVONthink’s Note Pad view. Now I have to search for the new content. I don’t think I like this behavior. Is there a good reason for the change? If not, my vote is to go back to the previous behavior of displaying newly added content.

Bill, if understand you correctly, I try to manage the same situation by creating a group labeled “Classify Me.”  In Preferences >Note>Destination of Notes and Summaries, I’ve selected “Group” and chosen the “Classify Me” group.

This places all new notes (and summaries, though I don’t use this much at this time) in the specified group, where I can go to manually classify at my leisure.  Alas, DT isn’t consistent here, inasmuch as files dragged over the Dock icon will not appear in the “Classify Me” group.  Nor will files saved to a folder with the “Save to DT” Applescript action.  It would be great if all “incoming” defaulted to this choice.

Still, I find this solution works well overall.  Your mileage will vary, of course.

Thanks, Fred, your suggestion is a good workaround but, as you noted, it doesn’t handle all cases. I’m still puzzled about why the behavior changed.

Version 1.7.3 will likely return to the old behaviour. Advantages of the current behaviour: Faster reloading of browser windows and no modification of the current selection (and therefore modified contents in note pad/outline view are not automatically saved).