Display of the rules in the sidebar - organize?

Display of the rules in the sidebar ?

The more I discover DT3 and especially the more of my many files and topics are added, the more my rules grow. Unfortunately the list becomes more and more confusing.

Wouldn’t it be charming if you could organize the rules in folders / groups as well?

Do others see it the same way?

Many greetings

PS: Of course I don’t just mean the simple folding up…

This is already planned for upcoming releases (but rules will be always global and organized via the sidebar as their order is critical).

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Any updates on when we might see grouping of rules?

We don’t publish development timeframes or have a public roadmap. We also have a list of options and projects longer than our combined lifespans :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Not a problem @BLUEFROG, just wanted to see if it is still on the radar. Add me as a supporter of this feature!

Indeed it is. There’s more to consider since the order of smart rules can have an effect on each other. Thanks for your patience and understanding.