Display PDF files in DTPO or DA window not working

Hi there,
I just noticed that I can’t click on a linked PDF file in DTPO or DA and have it open in a new tab. DTPO does absolutely nothing and DA just downloads, which I don’t want. I want to be able to check the file and then add it to DTPO if needed.
Am I missing something?

P.S. I really wish browsing the web was easier with DTPO. I had hoped for an address bar in 2.0 (i have the “browse the web” HTML file, but that’s just a hack IMO)

Following links at my uni’s web site to the needed PDF and clicking the download button won’t work either, the file is nowhere to be found.
I love DTPO for looking through my files but browsing the web in the app itself is a frustrating experience for me.

Yes, you can open a link displayed in the current page being viewed, in a new tab (including a link to a PDF).

In DTPO2, either Command-click on the link to open it in a new tab, or Control-click on the link and select the option to open it a new tab.

Same procedures in DEVONagent.

Hope that resolves the frustration. :slight_smile:

Well, unfortunately your suggestion doesn’t work and I can’t post the links as they are within a PW protected uni platform and would require me to give you my login. :frowning:

Those commands will open links in a new tab in most Web sites.

Some sites resist tabbed browsing. My bank’s site, for example, will not allow new tabs (or windows) of links to be created in any browser I’ve tested with it (Safari, DEVONagent, Firefox). That site also prevents captures that would require reloading the page by a script, such as a script to capture the page as HTML or WebArchive. I assume that’s for security reasons.

Academic portals and journal sites vary in the restrictions they may place on access via browser. I’m familiar with one that does allow tabbed browsing in DEVONthink’s browser and in DEVONagent. Apparently, your portal does not, presumably related in their view to protection of copyrighted material.

Hmmm, I tried the same links with OmniWeb and Safari, both download the PDF files and won’t display them in the tab.
The Platform is called ILIAS http://www.ilias.de/ if anybody’s interested or knows it.