Display/Print Inconsistencies

I’m having, yet again, a heck of a time displaying and/or printing at an appropriate size for my screen/eyes or paper. Can any one edify me on how to make display and or printing options consistent. It seems I’m endlessly jerking with the View > Zoom in/Zoom out, trying to simply see or edit a document in DT. And three times that much labor in trying to print them correctly.

Somethimes I have to expand them (zoom) 12-15 times so they will print correctly. The last I recall that’s some obscure thing we have to live with. Okay. But the display process too has to be wiggy? How can things so large and small both be one font size/type?

To get a better idea, I’ve stashed four images for display

This one is gargantuan in the display panel, but the font is Lucida 12:
Look1 - grab.by/4nvj

This one is tiny in the display panel, but also Lucida 12:
Look2 - grab.by/4nvk

So now I’m going to print look1 and check the preview, it’s gargantuan:
Look1a - grab.by/4nvn

Now I’m printing look2 and it’s tiny:
Look2a - grab.by/4nvp


– Gerry

I’ve had another display head-scratcher this week. I scan an image, drag it to DT and this is my default view:

Default display: grab.by/4nwz

So then I zoom it until it’s the size I like and it looks like this:

Modified: grab.by/4nwC

But then I move to another document. When I come back to this document it reverts to the default display again. If I refer to a number of images over a period of time I can get a sore finger from zooming!

Is there a way to FIX the image so that it will stick?

– Gerry

I suspect the culprit is your scanning software. A jpg has a dpi parameter, that specifies how many dots per inch (or cm) and I suspect that DevonThink is honoring that value. If you have an image-editing program like photoshop, I would open the jpg and try changing this value to see if it fixes the problem. If so, look for a setting in your scanning software.