Display the content of all groups

My view is set “as Three Panes”, I’ve a Group folder with a sub-group inside. I’ve noted that if I select one of these sub-group I can see the list with the documents contained inside. But if I select the main Group I don’t see anything… selecting a primary group thought to view a list of all the documents in folders … no way to get this?

Thanks for the help!

  • Marco.

That’s the way 3-panes view works. It’s not a bug.

If you want to see the whole hierarchy of groups / subgroups / documents in one view then use split-view or list-view.

In 3-pane view if you ⌘-select multiple groups in the group pane you can see their contents in the file pane, and browse their previews in the preview pane.

It’s easy to experiment with these things and see how they work without waiting for the forum to reply with an answer. :smiley:


Unrelated to your question, but can I ask what font that is in your screenshot?

I like it as it’s really legible and would love to be able to replicate that look.

The font that I used is Avenir Condensed (style used: Medium).


  • Marco.