Distant Synchronized databases (thru Dropbox) don't appear in Sync Preferences

Everything is said in the title. After carefully watching the tutorial on Synchronization on my Devon Think Pro software, I have set up a sync store using Dropbox, to synchronize my databases over my two Mac computers. Most databases are on my MacMini, safely in a /Documents folder. Another database in on my MacBookPro.

I have named my store in Dropbox, and chosen a password, repeated twice. Synchronization progress shows on the instance of DevonThink Pro 3 on my MacMini, and it says all my databases on Local are synchronized (through the mention “last synchronized on…”). However, when I open my Mac Book Pro, those databases don’t appear in Remote in my Preferences > Sync panel. Reversely the database I have synchronized on my MBP doesn’t appear in Remote on my Mac Mini. I have checked I have used the same store name on both computers.

The Dropbox utility also shows synchronization activity during those processes. However, on both computer I also had an error panel opening, which said “Clé de chiffrement non valide”, which means “Unvalid key”.

I also tried iCloud synchronization, which seems to be much faster, and is showing the synchronized databases of my MacMini on my MBP.

So why aren’t things working as smoothly on Dropbox ?

I would also like to better understand the right click options in this Preference > Sync panel. When you choose in this right-click menu “Show information” it shows the password. Does this mean you can modify it by entering twice a new password? Otherwise, how do you do if you entered a false password by mistake?

You are either entering an incorrect encryption key or entering one when you didn’t specify one when you initially synced.

Also, if you have more than one Dropbox account, it is possible you are connected to two different accounts. This will not work as you can’t sync between Dropbox accounts.

Thanks. I deleted my previous Dropbox store and started again. This time it works!
Not on iCloud, where I did the same procedure (and should be more simple as I only have one account). But at least I have a solution now. Thank you.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: