Divide documents

I’d like to have a way to quickly divide a document into several smaller ones. The smaller ones can be moved around to different parts of an outline and it’s easier to find a specific piece of information.

This feature would do for individual documents something like what “ungroup” currently does for groups.

One way to implement it would be to have the user insert a special character at every desired “breaking point”, then just click a command like “Divide Document”.

I’m currently doing this by hand, and I realize it’s a minor thing. But I figure if I’ve found myself wishing for it several times, perhaps other people have, too.

And this raises additional possibilities for DT’s special engine: Automatic classification of the pieces after a split, or even automatic insertion of breaking points. But I would be happy with a user-defined process to begin with.

Thank you for the suggestion. Although v1.9 won’t include this feature, splitting of documents will definitely come (in v1.9.x or v2.0). However, as soon as the public beta of DT Pro will be available, one workaround will be to use scripts to split documents (one example will be included).

on the eve of DT 2.0… I’m curious, is this still a feature?

No. This can be done by using AppleScript.

Would you mind pointing me to such a script?

I couldn’t find one here–
devon-technologies.com/suppo … ripts.html

Here are a couple of basic scripts written for just this very thing. They’re some of my earlier efforts at scripting, but one might work for you.

Thanks kalisphoenix! Those are helpful.

Does anyone have any ideas (or applescripts) to do the same with PDF documents, without converting them to RTF?

Man. I was trying to think up a way to do this a few days ago for a nice but insane gentleman at work. I could not find a way.

You can put together an Automator workflow that will rip a PDF into many PDFs – one for each page. The action is called (counterintuitively, at least to me) “PDF to Images” and it’s attached to Preview.

But repaginating PDFs automatically is pretty much impossible, so far as I know.

I’ve been able to do it with apps like acrobat pro, pdfpen, pdf clerk, etc. But it involves a LOT of clicking. If any applescript guru’s can make something work with any of these apps I would pay good money!

DEVONFolks– This would be a seriously useful feature to have someday for v2.5!


I know its an extra step in the workflow and all, but

–CURIO is good for splitting PDFs

–SCRIVENER splits files at the insertion point or, if you select some text, with that text as the title of the new split.

–TINDERBOX can “explode” documents automatically, at any string (e.g. ¶¶ or whatever you fancy) with a single command.

DOn’t know if that helps.