DN linking local files question

Is there a method to create a link to a local file in a note without needing to (command+option) drag it to the entry?

The Quick Start guide states

However, whenever I select “File>Link To”, the file link is not inserted into the current note as it is when it is command+option dragged, but instead a new linked item is created in the current group hierarchy.

DevonNote 1.8
MacOS X 10.3.9

“File > Link To” adds links to the database. The only solution to insert links into a note is via command-option dragging & dropping files.

Thanks for the clarification.
Do you think that the section of the Quick Start Guide that I quoted is confusing in this regard?

If I may, I would like to suggest adding a Link command to the Contextual-Menu that brings up a file selection box to link a document inside of a note.

As the quote refers to links in the database (and not inside notes), this section should be correct. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider this for a future release.