DN window persists when not active

All of a sudden, DevonNote 1.9 has decided it wants to be in front all the time. Even when I switch to another application. When I click on the adjoining window of another app, after using DN, DN’s window flickers then returns, inactive, but very much on top of it all.

I have had to resort to Command-H to make it go away.

Other than that, it is a bit slow but ok for something with a database of 633 MB. I use DT Pro also, and it, with a db of 900 MB, is faster (and doesn’t have the little problem afflicting DN). I do not perform complex searches, yet, so maybe I would have speed problems as others have mentioned, if I did that.

Should I try just trashing DN’s prefs—could that possibly be related?

My floating DEVONnote window always floats in front unless I either close it or minimize it to the Dock.

As I use it to make notes while I’m working in DT Pro (and other applications also), I minimize it to the Dock so that it’s available whenever I want it.

Shoot, how embarrassing!
If I ever knew DN had a menu item that said “Keep window in front,” I certainly did not remember it. Don’t know how it got checked but it was, and so wha I thought was a “bug” really was a feature!

Thanks, Bill.