DNG previews not used

Hello, I am considering moving photographs into DEVONThink. I see that DNGs are rendered with what looks like a color cast.

I think this is the fault of the Apple DNG renderer. But DNGs can also contain a (JPEG) preview. If that preview was displayed when available it would be more than good enough for me.

Any thoughts about improving DNG support? Anyone else using DNGs successfully in DEVONthink?

How does the preview look in Quick Look or in Preview.app?

The Quick Look and Preview appearance would normally be the same as in DEVONThink, unless you install something like DNG Suite for Mac OSX (that I am not allowed to link to).

Not sure what you’re thinking about doing with the DNG files, but here’s something that may be of interest to you:

I am thinking about organising personal memories. I have some videos, photos and documents that I would like to store. DevonTHINK seems to manage most formats just fine (which is no small feat), but the DNG rendering is broken. I don’t want to duplicate (i.e. export a sidecar JPEG with adjustments) the files as that makes my life more complicated. I have used Synology Drive on my NAS, and that is able to use DNG thumbnails. I believe that exiftool can extract it.

As for EXIF / IPTC data, that would be an incredible addition to DevonTHINK. Even starting out with reading (not writing) a few fields would be amazing. But I understand it is not a priority for the developers, and that is fine.