do links remain in exported word docs?

So, one of the challenges of learning something is that even when the answer appears to be in a forum, one is not certain that is applies to a simple question - so please bear with me here.

When I export a RTF into Word, my hyperlinks–to external, valid URLs–do not remain hyperlinks Is that expected behavior?

Your links might still be there. Over here, links in RTF’s opened in Word are not underlined or blue – but hovering the mouse shows they are there and active because the cursor changes to the pointed finger, and the link is clickable. If you select the text where the link is supposed to be, choose “Toggle Field Codes” in the contextual menu and the HYPERLINK field should be displayed wherever there is a link.

hmmm, not the case here…using MS WOrd 2008 or 2001 and DT Personal - would that make a diff?

not getting the links on mouseover or “Toggle Field Codes” in my context menu

nix that! it does work…I think I was moving my mouse too fast…

on further investigation:

Export to RTF and hyperlinks are there
Export to Word and hyperlinks are not retained
Open with Word and hyperlinks are there

I guess this makes sense - one tends to forget it is not magic