Do non-universal Abbyy OCR versions run faster?

I ask because I later realized that I installed a universal version of Abbyy by mistake. Should I reinstall PB3?

I don’t think there’s any speed difference, although the Universal version takes up more disk space.

What´s the use of choosing between “the version that fits to your mac” and the universal version?

I mean, I´m only interested in the version that fits best to my mac. I will always choose the “fits best to your mac”-version, wether I have an Intel or an PPC. Or do I get something wrong?

I chose the “fits best to my Mac” (Intel), as the file size (and download time) are reduced. During testing, I’ve installed both universal and computer-specific versions, and didn’t observe any difference in performance.

Some people move or sync their entire home folder between two machines (I do this, for example) and one could be Intel, the other one PowerPC :slight_smile:

ah, okay, thanks.