Do the DEVONthink developers have plans to improve the search result for CJK languages?

DNT is very good personal knowledge management software. However, there is still room for improvement in the search of CJK characters. Have the developers included this improvement in their near future plans?

I guess part of the difficulty is that there is no space between vocabularies/ words in CJK languages.

Currently a workaround can be using search operator ’ ’ to quote the search term, so the result only show exact match of the term, instead of matching all the characters it contain.

Hope this helps.

Welcome @panyuz

We don’t comment on development timeframes, especially as words like “soon” can be interpreted in many ways.

CJK character sets are indeed more problematic but you can also use the tilde (~) character preceding the search term. This functions as contains.

Thank you for your help.

I am still using the trial version of DNT, on one hand I really like the way DNT manages documents, it helps me to manage a lot of PHD papers. On the other hand, the inaccuracy of CJK text search makes it difficult for me to decide whether to pay for DNT or not.

Anyway, thank you for creating such a good tool and I hope it will become better.

You’re welcome and thanks for your consideration. And note, we are always working hard to improve poor applications, as is shown by our release notes.