Do Window Presets Save When Moving to a New Computer?

I might be moving to a new Mac eventually, and I was wondering whether the window presets (how wide each pane is – the database list, Name | Date Created | Date Modified, …) is saved within each database file, so that when I move from my current Mac to a potentially new one, that everything will be saved?


These settings are part of the preferences and therefore account/computer specific but if you’re using Apple’s Migration Assistant, then the new computer should use the old settings.

If you had been using Time Machine for backup on the former Mac, Apple also provides the choice of the Time Machine backup to populate the new computer with your data and user account. As is the case with Migration Assistant, all your files including your user account and preferences, application registrations, etc. will be copied over. As the Time Machine backup I used to populate a new computer was on a Thunderbolt device, I was pleased by the speed of data transfer.

If your older Mac was “clean” and functioning well, the ability to start right up on the new machine from your old user account is very convenient.

If, however, you had accumulated a lot of obsolete utilities such as hacks of the operating system that may now be broken or that cause operating system instability, it might be preferable to start “clean” and not carry over your old user account to the new computer. That would of course require more work to copy over important data and to reenter application licenses, etc.

Thanks for all the replies.

I was hoping that they were database-specific, rather than computer-specific, but perhaps it makes sense (in terms of development).

I will be planning on doing a clean install of Yosemite. I’ve used Migration Assistant in the past (which has been perfect, admittedly), but I’d like to start anew, without all the clutter of the old system files.