Do you have a "fun" DEVONthink database name?

Curious how creative people have gotten with their database names. Any “HAL 9000” or “Mycroft” databases out there?

Welcome @kes

It wasn’t my database name but I’ve got many hard drives named Purgatory, Purgatory II, etc. :slight_smile:

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I enjoy making up names for test databases when I’ve been mucking about with scripting.

  • Nothing to See Hear
  • This Cat Has a.dt2Base
  • TestingTesting123
  • CocaColaRecipe
  • HowToRuleTheEarth_v312

The more unlikely they are, the greater the likelihood I will recognize the title as a placeholder if
I come across it in a script or in a misplaced file.

This of course goes somewhat against the edit room/camera/microphone rule of never say, do, or type anything that can’t/shouldn’t EVER appear on screen or be heard by others when you’re in or near those things. DevonThink is rarely near enough to the production pipeline machines in any way that jeopardizes that stricture.

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