Do you use Appscript?

Do you use Appscript? It’s a Python-AppleScript bridge. I use it on my Power Mac and I think it’s great. You’ll find it here: … cript.html

It obviously only works with scriptables apps. I’m curious to know if some of you use Appscript with DN Pro. Appscript is universal binary and it’s free.

Nope (not yet anyway), made my first appscript script day before yesterday :smiley:

wow. appscript is great!
i just started to build a script that will import my thunderbird emails to devonthink pro:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8

import sys
import os
import mailbox
from appscript import *

src_mbox = mailbox.mbox("/pathtomboxfile/mboxfile")
for msg in src_mbox:
	subj = msg.get('subject')
	body = msg.get_payload(decode=True)
	app(u'/Applications/DEVONthink').create_record_with({k.plain_text: body, k.type: k.txt, subj})

that was easy. it imports all plaintext emails that don’t have attachments. but i think the hard part is to find the right email-message encoding and handle attachments… if anybody has a hint on how to do this - i am just a computer amateur…
(work with an empty dt-database and a copy of your mbox file if you try the script above)

Hmm, neat. I have very little knowledge of Python, but I do frequently have a need for regexps. I’ll probably branch out and find it to be very useful. Thanks :slight_smile: