Do you use our products to cope with the current situation?

Wonderful - thank you very much. It’s appreciated.
And of course - you and your close ones stay safe too.

I use DT3 to gather info about what I call Coriolanus - the hardest I am told of Shakespeare’s plays to understand - so that I have a time line for future reference and for advising clients now on how to capitalise on the opportunities. In my field, commercial property rents, dates and government announcements are also important to consider in the context of a post-review event. Just because lockdown happened on x date doesn’t necessarily mean that that would have an adverse impact on what happened before.

I am often ahead of my time in my attitude and conduct and so am accustomed to other people discovering the benefits of something or other long after I have been saying and doing it for years. Having worked from home off and on since setting up my business some 40 years ago and on for the past 26 years, also renowned for being anti-social I seem to have got both spot-on by prevailing standards.

Never one to rest on my laurels, I am still doing lots of things that others don’t. So on past form it is only a matter of time.

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Yesterday I was researching what companies are doing right now w.r.t. to remote-work. A quick search for “remote work” across my DB which includes multiple remote work manuals from firms like basecamp, automatic, etc; RSS feeds; and multiple apple books as well as kindle notes - resulted in a nice little collection of best practices and tools. It was interesting to actually stumble across some articles form ca ~2007 in my RSS feeds arguing against/for remote work and compare them to the current narrative and situation. Also, some old research papers from behaviour science course were discovered along the way to re-fresh the theoretical underpinning of remote companies. That was a fun rabbit hole to go.
That is exactly the power of the Devonthink to me - my little curated version of huge vast internet.
Stay safe.