Do you use Ratings? How?

Seems like ratings might be useful, but I can’t for the life of me think of how they might be used. DevonThink isn’t great for storing music, video, or photos, and it’s not a great ebook reader–areas where we generally think of ratings being used.

DevonThink isn’t great for storing music, video, or photos, and it’s not a great ebook reader

We have people who do all these things every day.

Also, a rating is as arbitrary as flagging. You make what sense of it or impart any meaning you want.


Sure. And I’m wondering how people are using ratings.

As for flagging, I only occasionally use that but I find it very useful when I do: When I have a stack of documents to review, I flag them all and then unflag each one as I’m done processing it. Did that just this morning.

I occasionally rate support documents based on the severity of the issue they relate to.

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Related to ebook area.

I read a lot and annotate a lot more. Before I knew DT/DTTG I annotate over the paper book itself, and over Kindle eBooks.

Since I’m a hardcore user of DT/DTTG (I was ready to switch back into Windows but couldn’t due i weren’t able to find a replacement for those programs), paper books annotations are photographed and sent to DTTG, eBook pages are annotated and then captured and put into, well, I let you guess where. :innocent:

For technical reading, I use DTTG itself, and annotate into PDF and then export annotations from DT… I even convert some literature books to PDF to be read inside DTTG.

And with new OCR capacities in DTTG, I’m skipping one step and instead of annotate in paper book and then photo it, I will photo it, OCR and annotate inside DTTG.

However, I don’t use ratings. But since in my podcast I asked a female techie about one phone model, expecting she will critique it, and she praised it and all of us got very surprised because she was completely right (and we were completely right to critique the same phone characteristics as well), I never say an option in a program is not useful, I use to say “I don’t use it” :wink:, even if I cannot find any way that option could be useful for anyone. Surely it is.

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I hadn’t really thought to read ebooks in DT. I use Kindle, and though I do think about switching, it would be to another ebook platform. I don’t annotate ebooks.

I do make heavy use of DT as a PDF reader for work-related documents, in my job writing marketing articles for a major technology company. I love the highlighting feature.

I have tried on occasion to use DT as a read-it-later app for Web articles, but have never quite made it work. I use GoodLinks for that.

Used to rely on ratings but have moved on to labels. Labels are faster and much easier to quickly see articles “rating” via color of labels. Colours work well too on smaller screens of iPads with DTTG. Though would love Mac’s option of colouring article title rather than small color dots on DTTG.

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This has already been in place since DEVONthink 2.x.
Preferences > General > Appearance > Labels

I meant on DTTG. Been using modern option on Mac as dot is too small to notice straight away. DTTG doesn’t have the option.

I have occasional bowel (IBD) problems, so I have to keep temporary food logs when I have flares. Logging what I ate is one thing, but getting health trends out of that log is where I use ratings on my food log entries.

This way, I can export the stuff I collected in DT and create graphs of how well I’m eating via Numbers or using the Shortcut integration in DTTG and Charty to create a widget of daily rating averages.

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That’s a very interesting approach, especially with the integration for charting. Nice!