Dock Icon doesn't work

Hi there,

I’ve got some problems with the dock icon from DT Pro Office.
When doing secondary click on it there is no menu any longer but a message “application doesn’t respond”.

What can I do to bring back the full functionality of the icon?

Thanks in advance

Did you put the DT icon in the Dock permanently? If so, and assuming that you recently updated to 2.0.3, you may need to drag the icon out of the Dock and drag the icon for 2.0.3 back in the Dock. If that does not work, you may want to post your question in the DEVONthink troubleshooting forum where more DEVONthink users may have an opinion on what to do (it is in the DEVONagent forum now).

Sorry for using the wrong forum and - thank you for your fast reply. It didn’t help. Still no Dock Icon function is usable.

I’ll go to the right forum now and see whether someone saw something like that before or does have any kind of hint for me…

Okay, so let’s pseudo-lock this thread and continue there :slight_smile: