Dock Icon doesn't work

Hi there,

I’ve got some problems with the dock icon from DT Pro Office.
When doing secondary click on it there is no menu any longer but a message “application doesn’t respond”.

What can I do to bring back the full functionality of the icon?

Thanks in advance

Which version of Mac OS X do you use and how many databases do you concurrently use and how many groups/tags do they contain (see File > Database Properties)?

Version of Mac OS X: 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard)

Number of databases: 4+Inbox

Number of groups/tags:
- Inbox: 46.845
- 1. 9.129
- 2. 24.887
- 3. 905
- 4. 25.308

The Dock does still not support dynamic menus on Snow Leopard but building the complete menu (“New From Clipboard”) and its submenus requires some time but the Dock doesn’t wait long enough and therefore claims that the application isn’t responding.

Only workarounds are to close some databases or to reduce the number of groups/tags. Or just switch to the application and use the same commands from the main menu.

Ok, not satisfying but at least an answer. Thank you very much for that!

I mainly used the dock icon for creating new notes. Now I take the sorter for that as a not very pleasant workaround for my needs. It’d be great to have a keyboard shortcut for creating new html or rtf-notes which pop up.

However - I’m sure there will be fantastic new innovations in the future. DEVON rules - thank you for your great products.