Document counts in groups

Hi folks, in DT3 (maybe DT2 too?) the document counts that are shown in each group will show (in bold) the number of “unread” documents unless there are unread documents in which case it shows the total number of documents. Is there a way to have it show the total in any case?


It seems there is no way to do this in DEVONthink 3. But I too would like to see this, + 1

The count in the views should be still the same.

Hi - thanks for the response - I don’t understand your comment.

Sorry, I misread your post and thought that you wanted to report a difference of version 2 and version 3. Both versions show the same count.

This shows 1 since there is one unread file, though there are two total files in the group.

After viewing both items, the total file count is now shown…

I think the OP is wanting the total number of files to always be shown, instead of the unread count.

That’s correct - or at least the option to always show the total. My workflow often copies pdfs (by drag and drop onto the DT3 icon), then every so often I open DT3 and right click on the files and do a “Move To” and put it in right folder. This doesn’t seem to mark the file as read (in fact I generally don’t care if I have read it now or not!!)

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Me too - I’d prefer the total # of items instead of unread # - or at least the option to only show the total.


+1 for this feature

Indeed, I wish that we could create our own “smart” meta-counters to place in the Custom view pane:

–> Count-Of-Items-In-Container (Group or Folder)
–> Count-Of-Unread-Items-In-Container
–> Count-Of-Items-Older-Than-(DD-MM-YYYY)
–> Count-Of-Word-In-Content-(SOMEWORD)


This request makes sense to me too, at least as an option.

Often, when I add an item to a group and see the sudden bold “1” I go and select the item just to get rid of it.

It would be good if one could toggle this behaviour on or off.

What about a total count with the unread count in parenthesis - as an option - too?

What about a total count with the unread count in parenthesis

The previous behavior is already still in place in the item list.