Document Link Questions

I have two questions about using a document link that starts with: x-devonthink-item://5A4…

  1. Can I use this link to search for the file in DT3? I tried using DT3’s search bar and the mac search bar without any results.

  2. Is there a way to link a document from DT3 to a Google Sheets document? Google Drive is not indexed in DT3 nor is it downloaded on my computer. It is something I cannot do because of space on my mac.

The search doesn’t support this but after clicking on the link you could reveal the document to show it in the database.

Google Sheets don’t support URL schemes like ours. They are intended for use with standard URLs.

That’s interesting. The link does not appear as hypertext in my file, which is a Microsoft Word document, so that is why I did not click on it. But I tried from within DT3, Control-Mouse Click> Open URL, and it worked. Thanks. Hiding in plain sight!

Thank you. I received the same message when I tried that, but thought I might be missing something.