Document management

I am interested in saving space on my computer. Once I import a document (e.g. PDFs):

  1. Why would I want to keep the original?
  2. How do I access the imported document without Devonthink? For example, if I import a Pages document, then want to work on it in Pages, how would I access the document if I delete it once it is imported to DT?

If I keep the documents outside of DT and inside of DT, then I have multiple copies. I’d like to trim that.

Your second question answers the first. You’ll want to keep the original if you need a copy to exist outside of DT’s database, for whatever reason. If you don’t care about that, go ahead and delete the original.

For files within the database, DT is really the best way to find them. You can browse the file tree, but it’s not organized to be human-readable, and you risk database corruption that way. If DT isn’t running, Spotlight will search the database for you, but will still launch DT to open the file.

Once you’ve found the file in DT, the “Open With” command will open it in whatever program you like.

Personally, I’ve found that DT works best for static “reference” data, but not so well for active “working” files.