Document opened but sidebar not visible and no way to identify or open the item's group


I frequently find myself in situations where I opened a DT item (doc) via a third party app (examples: HoudahSpot, or clicking on a link to a DT item), and end up in a DT window displaying the item, with no sidebar (the View > Sidebar is greyed out) and no means of knowing in which Group the item is located, and no way to simply open the group in which the item is located (which I often want to do).

thanks in advance for your time and help


The link opened a document window, not a main window. You could either Cmd-click the document’s icon in the title bar or use Data > Reveal or the Info inspector/popover to figure out the location.

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thank you Christian. I successfully tested all 3 methods. IMO Data Reveal is the fastest, but thanks for detailing all options. Have a nice day !