Document search results not highlighted in column view

When querying a set of terms from the search bar, results are not highlighted in PDF documents when using the “as Columns” View. However, search results are highlighted correctly when using the “as List” view. See attached images for example. I do not know if this is limited to searching PDFs or other documents as well. If there is a reason for this inconsistency, I’ll be happy to remove this as a bug-report.

Thanks, for your help in advance.

Correct highlighting in list view:

Incorrect highlighting in column view:

Interesting… I confirmed this behavior here. Development will have to investigate this. Thanks for the report and your patience and understanding.

The next release will support this.

Great, thanks!

The recent update (DevonThink 3, version 3.0.2) doesn’t seem to have fixed this.

A screenshot would be useful, it’s working fine over here.

Correct in list view:

Wrong in column view:

Obviously there were two issues (highlighting in names and in the document preview), version 3.0.2 fixed only the first one. The next release will fix this too.

Right on. Thanks.