Document Sync?

I have imported all of my docs into DEVONThink Pro Office, I revise a document in Word or Pages and save it, how can I sync that newly revised document in DEVONThink, or do I have to do a fresh import each time?

I found the answer to my question, so this post can be deleted by a mod and thanks for such an informative forum.

The answer, of course, is to edit the document that’s within the database, not the external one that was copied into the database.

So, for a Word document within your database, select it and either click on the ‘Open Externally’ icon in the Toolbar, or Control-click and choose the contextual menu option, Open With…Word. Edit the document. When finished, press Command-S to save the changes back to the database.

That is pretty much the answer I found by reading through other posts. :smiley: