Document too large

Hi all

I’m new to DTPO, all my old notes from Evernote have been imported and I have started to create new documents.

Sync is setup but I start to see message on DTTG “Document too large”. Perhaps it’s nothing but I have noticed all documents where this happens are created on DTPO with image attachments.

So my question - have I done anything wrong or is there some size limits for documents?

What kind of document did you display and how large is it actually?

It’s a formatted note and size is 12.8 MB. To me it doesn’t sounds that big?

And what kind of iPhone/iPad do you use? The dynamic limit depends on the amount of available RAM so that displaying the document doesn’t crash the application.

Forgot with my previous reply - thanks for helping out cgrunenberg.

My phone is iPhone 6s 64GB Grey and issue is also seen on my iPad 64GB iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi Only, Gold).

I thought about this issue and see that I might have added to large files. The pictures have been resized to 1024x768 and now it works.

The first question still remains - what is the file size limit for newer iPhone / iPad?

The RTF editor needs a lot of memory when editing RTFs and formatted notes with images. To prevent crashes we have added this safety check. It’s on our to-do list to improve this behavior and set the “document too large” threshold higher.

I’m getting the “Document too large” message as well. There happens to be a 12MB .png photo in the note.
Granted, the file size is not optimized, and in this case the photo is not all that important to the note. It’s concerning to me however because I recently went “all in” on Devonthink after migrating away from Evernote. This note was created in Evernote, like thousands of others in my database, so there may be other notes that fall into this category as well.

Is there any way for me to find similar problem records and fix them, ideally en masse?

Btw, I’m on an iPhone XS.


@mikeklar: Do you only have the iOS device?

I’m using iOS and the Pro Office Edition on my Mac.

DTTG doesn’t have the ability to create Smart Groups at this time. Doing it in DEVONthink on the Mac would allow you to locate and address these files.

Okay, that’s good to know. Is there any documentation about how big is too big?

More to the point, is there a fix to the root issue, which is DTTG will not open the note? Earlier in this thread, there’s a mention that the memory limit is capped to account for device limitations. That post is from over 2 years ago. Has this been revisited to account for modern devices (which shoot larger images).

By the way, I believe it opened the note once, but not a second time.


10MB is the limit.
If you want to excise the image, you can drag the image out of the file into the same group then delete the image from the file.

And no changes have been made on this. It’s really a memory management issue with iOS. Bear in mind, these are HTML pages, ie. web pages. Web pages aren’t 10+ MB on the web (and if they were no one would visit those sites!) Text editing, including trying to work around this limit, is on the list for the next major version of DTTG.

Great. Any predictions on when we might see the next version of DTTG?

Sorry, but we don’t do any psychic readings here. :wink:

We don’t comment on development timeframes. It’s too dynamic an environment and missed deadlines - real or imagined - are bad for everyone. Annoucements are made on our blog and Twitter account.