"%documentLink%" in comments field not supported?

The placeholder “%documentLink%” does not seem to work for the comment field. I try to write specific entries into the finder comment field after the import with a smart rule – including the DT item link.

All other placeholders I use work finde and their values are taken over accordingly - but not “%documentLink%”.

Is “%documentLink%” not supported in the comment field?

A screenshot of the rule would be useful, thanks.

… sure.

full rule…


just “%documentLink%"…

still no item-link in comments…
Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-20 um 18.29.26

Thanks for the screen captures!
The %documentLink% placeholder is not supported in smart rules at this time, e.g.,…

Development would have to assess this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for the quick clarification.

Basically, my attempt here is a workaround: I want to copy markdown formatted information to the clipboard to be able to paste it into another program - for reference.

I tried to have the info written in the comments to be able to copy it by hand, but now the Item link will be missing.

I am sure with a script it is much more elegant, easier and faster. I have seen something similar in the forum: Markdown version of the Item link

But unfortunately I don’t know anything about coding at all. I know what a script is, may able to change a value – thats it.

Maybe someone can help me out: What values would I have to enter in the script mentioned? To become a result in the clipboard like this:

[>document name<] (>ItemLink<)
recived: >CreationDate<
from: [>ItemAuthors<] (mailto:>AuthorEmailAddresses<)

the DT placeholder for this should be:

The next release will support this.