Documents from 'Stone Create'

I’m using ‘create’ for layout-things - and this day, I noticed, that ‘create-documents’ show as folder in DEVONthink because they separate content and external stuff (i.e. picts)

is there a way to have a stone document as a simple document ? I can manage it by opening the folder and navigating to the core-doc, but…

I use Create also, and really like it for the types of layout I’ve done with it. I rate it among my favorite OS X applications.

My final product from Create documents is usually in PDF and/or HTML format, and that’s what I tend to store in DEVONthink. But I’ve noticed the same phenomenon – Create documents are stored in DT as folders. That’s not only confusing, it’s probably dangerous – what happens if the user adds or removes items in the folder?

Christian, would it be possible to make DT store Create documents in a more conventional way?  ???

DT scans unknown packages for known document types and therefore Create packages appear as groups. But you could link to those packages on your own (e.g. by dragging them to a browser window while pressing cmd-opt modifiers).