Documents in smart folder do not show up in search results

Hello, I’ve found some behavior that I found surprising, and there doesn’t seem to be a post about this yet.

I am searching for string X, and limiting my results to folder Y. Within folder Y, I have a smart folder that is catching various text files. A few of these files have string X in them. When the scope of the search is folder Y, none of the files in the smart folder appear. If I limit the scope of the search just to the smart folder, then they show up.

Is this expected behavior? It seems to me like it would make more sense for the folders [EDIT: smart folders] to show up in the search results… this is a side issue but I’ve noticed that smart folders don’t show up in DTTG, so I have been thinking it would be better to do all of this document-catching through rules rather than smart folders anyway…

Smart groups don’t contain anything, so they’re excluded in search results.
If you’re specifically choosing the smart group as the search scope, then it essentially resolves the smart group to get the contents before searching.

Development would have to assess if the behavior should be different. However, it could easily show redundant results from the smart group.

Understood, thanks. Given the way I use smart groups the results in there are not at all ‘redundant’! The fact that they are excluded from search results is a bit horrifying, next time I poke around I will probably start bailing out my various smart groups to get them on dry land, as it were…

Local smart groups (the ones inside databases) are not supported by the search currently, otherwise the search would have to perform lots of additional searches (one for each lcoal smart group) and this could be really slow.

Thanks, that is helpful to know. For the behavior I want, it will make sense to create a new folder, and then a smart rule to replicate the things I want into that folder.

This is a bit of a side note, but one thing that stopped my from doing that initially is that I may eventually end up with 20-30 smart rules to do more or less the same thing. I can live with that, but it might be nice to create a kind of folder structure for smart rules. I really wonder if maybe I haven’t missed some way to set up a single smart rule that operates on variables, like the scope of the rule (look in this database, filetype is not folder) and the action (replicate to) are set, but then the search term and destination folder could be plugged in as a series of values, like if search term X replicate to folder 1, if term Z replicate to folder 2.

There are no variables or conditional branching in smart rule actions.

Grouping smart rules is under consideration.

Got it, thanks! I appreciate the quick response.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You could probably script that. Which might be worth the effort if you create these smart groups regularly,.

I’ll keep that in mind, though not really sure where I’d even start tbh. For now I’m not making these folders enough to bother too much, maybe down the line if the muse strikes I’ll poke around some more…