Documents tags gone [3.8]


Some documents just lost all tags I had associated with them.
Now I tried to check how many docs, and as soon as I select a document I see all tags I had associated disappearing in a blink. So I’m not touching other documents to avoid any other tag association going to disappear.

Is there any logging I can check to see what the hell is happening? So many days of work gone to smoke
standard log window doesn’t show anything

I’m running DT 3.8

Are these imported or indexed files?

not sure about your exact definition, as I would have said “both”

I have the files on a local Google Drive folder associated with different db, and they are indexed.

I’m starting to see something: GDrive just changed app… the file path is still the same (indeed I can see all my folders/file from DT as before), but the actual files may be “different” from a filesystem perspective (but all my highlining and notes are still there).
I say this because the old folder (automatically renamed by the upgrade to avoid conflict and assure backward compatibility), I can see those pdf have the tags associated at filesystem level (macOS file tags).

Now, I thought the tag association was stored on DT database, not relying on the FS, that would be dangerous (as indeed this happened). Maybe there is some setting I set wrong for tagging?

In case of indexed files DEVONthink’s tags are indeed synchronized to Finder tags in both directions. Meaning that if an indexed file gets externally modified or tagged, the latest tags from the Finder are read and applied. And most likely Google Drive doesn’t support Finder tags or it’s an issue of the new app.

However, the hidden preference DisableFinderTags (see Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences) can be used to disable this Finder integration.

Is there any way I can recover those that have been removed?
Also, is there the option to have it not combined in one setting, like “import and export tags to finder”, but one option to import and one to export?

Because it could be useful to have the tags I set in DT, my main tool for work, to be exported, but not necessarily to import to avoid exactly this kind of situation? So that I rely on my DT db as main source and I can keep the two things decoupled?

Only by restoring a backup. You could e.g. export a database archive (see File > Export > Database Archive…) first and then try to restore an internal metadata backup (see File > Restore Backup… while pressing the Alt modifier key).

Currently there’s only one option.

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