does 1.3b2

the email from Eric announcing this new version of Pro Office had the following statement:

DEVONthink Professional Office 1.3b2 adds a new toolbar button for importing selected mailboxes including all sub-mailboxes, improves the compatibility to PowerMail, and it shows more human-readable messages in the Log window.

does ‘including all sub-mailboxes’ mean it will now import folder structures, not just folders at a single level? I just tried and didn’t see a change in behavior. Got excited when I read the email, but now I’m not sure what it means.

Also wondering what ‘improves the compatibility to PowerMail’ means.

I think you missed the word “new”. You need to put this new button on the toolbar of the Mail Import window, it’s called “Import All”.

It probably will get a more prominent place in the future. :wink:


OK, I’ll be buying it now. Great work.

Re the toolbar button, I didn’t realize we should/could customize the file/import/email window toolbar. Makes sense now.

I’d recommend just making it part of the default toolbar for that window.

Thanks for the quick response, and thanks for including this functionality! Just curious, what is the “improved PowerMail compatibility”?

Some people reported problems with the Junk mail filtering.

Import vs. Import All: If you want to import whole mailboxes including all sub-mailboxes, you need to add the ‘Import All’ tool to the Import Mail window’s toolbar. With the Import Mail window active, choose View > Customize Toolbar and drag the Import All tool to the toolbar. Then, select the mailbox that you want to completely import and click the Import All icon in the toolbar. Please note that this imports all messages of the selected mailbox and in all sub-mailboxes contained in it without any filtering.


I cannot figure out how to do the above - where is the import mail window? I did look at help but I am just not getting it. I downloaded the new beta, moved the icon to applications folder and it installed, checked about DTPro and I am using the beta. Clicked Help install add-ons and it added the scripts (I assume). Right now the extra folder from the d/l image lives in the documents section under a folder for my Devon documents and databases. I assume these files are for reference and the ability to perhaps edit them?

I am also curious about the other new scripts. I have a scripts icon in my main OS X status bar as well as in DTPRO. As you can tell I am not yet Mac savy on scripts and so on.

Appreciate the tool, look forward to some heavy organizing over the next 10 days while I am on vacation.

Go to File > Import > Email… and it is the window that will appear.

The difference between the Scripts window of our application and the System Script (icon) menu on the right-hand side is that the latter one is optional and will contain scripts depending on the context of the running application (see the AppleScript folder in /Applications). It will appear once you installed the Scripts Add-ons. “Our” Scripts menu will always be there.

Our Online help has a good chapter about all this.

I do not have an email option under File Import

Then you haven’t downloaded DEVONthink Pro Office. It is only found in that version.

Aw, thanks, thought they were now available to DTPro in the new beta, my bad.