Does anyone get DT mails about sales/specials?

I just saw I missed a sale in August. I need another seat but was hoping for a sale

No; but then again, I didn’t subscribe to the news letter (to which you can subscribe in your account at DEVONtech). Promotions etc. are also announced in DT3 itself:

(Turns out I don’t read the stuff there much either :D)


heh. I never noticed the announcements there. thanks

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how are you theming your DT?

Assuming this is what you mean:

DEVONthink 3 > View >

  • Sidebar Navigate
  • View as List
  • Preview Standard

System Settings > Appearance > Appearance Auto (and it was late, so dark mode was activated at the time). To the best of my knowledge, DT3 adheres to the system policy with regard to light/dark mode, although there is an addition setting in DEVONthink 3 > General > Appearance called Use dark background for documents which causes DT3 to try to apply dark mode not only to the app but also to documents being displayed. That setting cannot be changed so long as the system is in light mode (on macOS 13.0 at least…).

ah ok. I thought there were some appearance settings I was missing. I want DT3P to look like Omnifocus.

I want DT3P to look like Omnifocus.

I want OmniFocus to look like DEVONthink :wink:


you don’t like your apps to look like cartoons? no fun. :grinning:

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I prefer that only in the funny pages :smiley:

Me seeing the Black Friday sale is not 30% like the Multiple Macs sale that I missed.


The one time purchase in DTTG is €44,99 in the Netherlands. Is that the discounted price?

Yes, that is the discounted price. The full price is US $49.99, discounted $36.99, plus taxes and in Euros it’s currently €44.99. Apple calculates the Euro prices along so-called tiers that define a price in US Dollar and derive all other prices from there.

Ok thanks!