Does DA share data with my browser?

I’m very paranoid^H^H^H^Hpicky about what data I share with various web sites. I use Little Snitch to block many of the tracking sites, such as Facebook and Google. Denying DA access to all of these resources certainly limits its functionality.

I’m willing to let Little Snitch be more promiscuous with these various sites only for the DA application as long as DA stores its own cookies and such, not allowing its data to leak over into Safari. Can anyone confirm whether DA and Safari are firewalled from each other?

Each app uses its own data. In earlier versions of macOS (10 years ago?) the cookies were shared. This was quite useful until people started to abuse it for e.g. tracking.

Thank you @cgrunenberg. I’ll tell Little Snitch to allow unfettered access, knowing that I’m not being tracked in my browser.

And also notice DEVONagent supports the DEVONagent Pro > Private Browsing option.