Does DEVONagent extract bibliographic data

Zotero provides a plugin for Safari that saves bibliographic data on web documents or referenced in web documents. Once saved in Zotero data can be exported in a variety of bibliographic formants, e.g., Bibtex, APA, Chicago, and many, many others.

I’m not sure I need the power of DEVONagent but it would definitely be more attractive if there were such a plugin for it, i.e., that saved to Zotero.


Well, I’ll try putting it as an explicit question: Is DEVONagent capable of extracting and saving bibliographic data on documents?

As a relatively recent user (the developers or veterans of the software may want to chime in), I do not think that this is possible.

It is an excellent idea, of course. In terms of modeling the problem, perhaps a future version of DA could be equipped to search for “regular expressions”

Such a feature, in addition to the possibility to search via engines that “hide” the search term from the URL (as many academic databases do), would unleash the potential of this promising software. At the moment it seems to me like a powerful yet somewhat immature tool.