Does DEVONsphere also work with Scrivener, Mellel, etc.?

The subject line says it all: before buying DEVONsphere, I would like to be sure it is also able to handle documents made with popular but not exactly mainstream wordprocessors like Scrivener, Mellel and Nisus.

I don’t know the official answer, but I have downloaded it, and it seems that at the very least you can select a piece of text from anywhere and then invoke the See Also function.
It doesn’t seem to particularly speedy, but it does know about the contents of Devonthink databases. This was a functionality I was looking for from Devonthink itself.
To add to your question: should it work with Bookends too? That’d be great. Who knows if Devonsphere might not develop into a mighty beast one day.
I’m looking forward to updates and developments. It looks promising thus far.


As far as I can tell, it works with both Scrivener and Mellel files.

With Scrivener it’s on the project level: so you can’t drag an individual document within Scrivener onto the See Also bar, and the search results only return the project, not the individual document within it.

It doesn’t seem to recognise Bookends entries at all which is perhaps not surprising given that they’re not in individual files.

But as you say, it’s promising so far.

Have you found out if it works with Evernote and Chronos Notes