Does devonthink "OCR"/index word files? just saw paperless-ngx can do this, very cool :)

hi all

a friend in academia showed me this today

seems similar to devonthink to some extent but what was cool is that it seems to have a plug-in to “OCR”/index word files which seems super cool to me

can devonthink do that as well?



The text of Word documents is indexed but their images are not OCRed.

ahh fantastic, didn’t know it existed. so if a word documents has “aerosol optical depth” in it it will appear in the devonthink search when looking for that terms across my databases?



It should.

Regarding the service your friend mentioned, what do they do when their network is down? :thinking:

thx @BLUEFROG , I think its run locally (its a FLOSS local server if I understand)


That would definitely be preferable :smiley: